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🤔 Documentation for the documentation. How do you contribute to the documentation?

The documentation you see right now is created via MkDocs. We use a specific extension called Material for MkDocs which is what makes this site look pretty.

To setup mkdocs-material, see their cool instructions.

For GraphQL documentation, the playground generates the documentation for us automatically.

Writing Documentation

📝 Writing documentation is simple with MkDocs.

  1. Open up the project, and navigate to the /docs folder.
  2. Make your changes to the markdown (.md) files within this folder.
  3. Create a pull request to master. Once your pull request is merged with master, the documentation site will be automatically rebuilt.
How is the docs site updated?

All documentation site files are built to /docs-site.

The docs are run through a CI pipeline through [CircleCI](, that will automatically build the documentation into the `/docs-site` folder. This build is run through a command by the MkDocs python package.

Designing Documentation

✨ Make your documentation user-friendly.

👀 Preview your changes live.

Preview your changes with mkdocs serve, and see the generated documentation locally with mkdocs build -d docs-site.

Configure documentation site settings in /mkdocs.yml.